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💡 Our Story

Nov. 2020 inxR Inc. was founded in Osaka, Japan by Sumina Koiso as a company to support business improvement through the use of VR and AR.
May. 2021 The first package service "BeautyAR" is released. It allows customers to try on cosmetics and perform analytics without the need for non-contact face-to-face customer service.
The goal was to solve the problem of buyers and sellers dissatisfied with their purchases in the wake of the pandemic.
June. 2021 Released the second package service "Virtual EC Store". Using 3D data from actual stores, the service enables customers to have the same purchasing experience as in actual stores in a virtual space, and to simulate the placement of products using AR.
The objective was to solve the problem of businesses that have difficulty in reducing their bricks-and-mortar sales to zero, but still have difficulty in conducting sufficient sales activities.
Sep. 2021 The first idea for the current service came from a job applicant who told us about the challenges he was facing in finding a job in the XR industry.
Oct. 2021 The third service, "Match XRs" was released. v1.0 was only for posting job information.
However, as we interviewed users with issues, we found that the functionality needed to be updated.
April. 2022 "Match XRs" v2.0 is released.
June. 2022 Formed an alliance with Deel, a U.S. unicorn company offering labor management SaaS business. (We are now able to support the complex back-office operations that arise when recruiting foreign national members.)
The number of users increased to 10 countries.
Aug. 2022 The number of users increased to 14 countries.

🚀 Our Vission

We pursue a world where people can pursue their own happiness and potential and challenge themselves again and again, regardless of their natural circumstances and environment.

In what has been dubbed "the age of the wind," people are now able to demonstrate their "individual power" without being restricted by physical or material constraints. They can be who they are, regardless of skin color, eye color, gender, or age. I want to create a world where as many people as possible, no matter where they live or how old they are, can remove their own limitations, challenge themselves as many times as possible, and pursue their own happiness.

To achieve this, the growth of the XR industry is essential as one of the possibilities.

To accelerate the growth of the XR industry, companies and organizations involved in XR are needed. We respect those companies and organizations that are bold enough to jump in and lead the industry with an uncertain future, and we are committed to solving the problems of the "people" who support those involved in the industry.

And instead of competing for one pie, we want to increase the number of people who can benefit by making that pie bigger. In other words, we would like to form partnerships with other companies in the same industry, which should really be our competitors. We are also looking for alliance partners. (Contact us)

🤝 Dear our highly ambitious comrades

We have been waiting for a long, long time to meet you, the only one. If the world line we are aiming for and the goal we want to achieve with our lives are the same as the path you are taking, why don't we pursue that goal together?

Nationality, age, gender? ****Of course, it doesn't matter! ****

(We're looking for more than just marketers, please contact us!)

inxR Inc.